Dental Philosophy

We are focusing on replacing the current model of dental care with mobile care. In our efforts to stay on the cutting edge of preventative care, we use the latest updates in technology to bring our patients a concierge-style dental services delivery. 


Prevention is key in all our services. Dentistry is not expensive. Neglect, however, is. As practicing dental hygienists with years of experience, our goal is to increase access to dental care for everyone, including underserved and underprivileged populations. 

In addition to providing preventative mobile services to students in New Mexico public schools, we now travel to all patients where they work, live, an learn. We visit small businesses, personal homes, assisted living facilities , and private and charter schools. 

Using the latest technological advancements, we bring a comprehensive exam to a location of the patient’s choice. All we need is a room with an electrical socket. A fully qualified team of dental professionals travel to the site, sterilize the room, and set up our dental office. This eliminates the logistical hassles that come with visits to the dentist’s office. 

What is a Dental Care Safety Net and why do we need it?

A dental care safety net is where people go:

  • When they don’t have a regular dentist
  • Because they know Medicaid will be accepted
  • Because they won’t be turned away when they are in pain and can’t afford care
  • Because the clinic is close to home and linked to their other health care providers 

Mira’s full treatment dental clinic serves as a dental home to many of the children that are seen in our school based dental program. In those cases when Mira’s clinic is not the ideal solution to meeting the needs of the patient, they are referred to one of our community co-providers. In the Albuquerque area Mira has formed a partnership with Community Dental Services

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