Mira Consulting, Inc.

Caring for New Mexico's Dental Needs

Mira Dental

A dental care safety net clinic is where people go:

  • When they don’t have a regular dentist
  • Because they know Medicaid will be accepted
  • Because they won’t be turned away, when they are in pain and can’t afford care
  • Because the clinic is close to home and linked to their other health care providers 

On-Demand Dental Care

On-Site Dental Care

Whole body health begins with the mouth! Qualified and convenient treatment on a quick break. Experienced and licensed dental professionals provide desired treatment at the location of the patient’s choice.


Exams, X-Rays, Cleanings, Fluoride Treatments and more

We provide a wide range of services for young children around the state of New Mexico.  We are happy to help the kids in need who cannot afford to have their dental needs taken care of by conventional means. We are a dental care safety net for these kids and are proud to say we do our very best to help every child in need. 

Work With Us!

Mira is looking for strong, motivated, and caring dental professionals that will help take care of New Mexico’s needs.